Saturday, August 20, 2011

Travelling In and Around Cuenca

As readers know, Cuenca is a beautiful city with a colonial centre, four fast flowing rivers and surrounded by mountains. It is truly a special place. Often overlooked are the surrounding areas with so much natural beauty and charming villages. Many of the villages have accomplished artesans: weavers, ceramicists, potters, guitar makers and the list goes on. Attached are a few photos that we have collected in our four excursions in the villages surrounding Cuenca.

LJ negotiating a price with the Canari manager of the Sigsig Panama Hat factory.

Bet you haven't seen the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus in panama hats before!

Eduardo Vega is an internationally known ceramicist.  We visited his gallery / workshop and bought a couple of beautiful pieces.

It is very common to see families doing their wash in one of the Cuenca rivers.

Java and his friend Star came with us to visit the Incan ruins in Cojitambo.

A view of the Incan site of Cojitambo.

This is one of my favourites.  The church in San Bartolome with the Andes in the background.

Until next time, hasta luego.


  1. Last photo looks almost like it was from Tibet.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Fellow Soon-to-Be Expat From Ontario

    John Manley

  2. Nice pics Dad. We updated our blog as well.