Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Close

Since we last posted we seem to have sorted through the various issues with getting our Labrador Retriever "Java" to Cuenca.  Sandra Baquero, an Ecuadorian Customs Broker with lots of experience with pets, has been a godsend.  Not only has she made all the requirements clear she has worked hard to reduce my anxiety about the various steps.  We have completed all the necessary documentation including the Ecuadorian Consulate legalization of our documents.

We are about three weeks from flight time and very excited about starting our new lives in Cuenca.  At the same time we are making every effort to visit with our family and friends and to assure them that this does not mean that we will be disconnected.  We have been travelling across Canada to visit various family members and in particular our children and parents.  It has been a very special time to for us as it is rare that we get to so many members of our families in such a short period of time.

We visited our oldest son Sean and his fiancée Joyti in Toronto.

Our second oldest son Christopher and his girlfriend Shayna in Edmonton.

Had an 80th Birthday Celebration with my Mom and many family members in Kingston.

The next three weeks will be very busy with the move of our daughter Susannah into her first apartment and finishing off all the last minute details before travel to Cuenca.

We now have a temporary apartment arranged in Cuenca thanks to our friend Alberto Ordonez and we have a postal address.  We have prepared a card with all of our new coordinates effective June 21st.

We will try to keep our family and friends in Canada and our new friends in Cuenca posted as things progress.  All the best, Linda and David.